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Johannes Brahms, Ludwig van Beethoven, Segei Rachmaninov, Igor Stravinsky


genre Classical


Shavon Lloyd (b. 1997) is a student at SUNY Potsdam's Crane School of Music in Potsdam, NY. He is a double major in music education, with a concentration in voice, and composition. He currently studies voice with Dr. Lonel Woods, and composition with Dr. David Heuser, associate dean of the Crane School. Shavon attends the school with help from the Freshman Scholars Award, the Crane Scholarship, and the Music for Humanity Scholarship.
As a vocalist, Shavon has performed in various ensembles across New York State, performing in such halls as the Kodak Theatre in Rochester, NY, and Carnegie Hall in New York City. He was selected to participate in numerous All-State, Area All-State, and All-County Choral ensembles, both as a soloist and ensemble member. Shavon also performs at different venues with musicians who specialize in different chamber instruments.
As a composer, Shavon has been influenced by numerous composers including Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Sergei Rachmaninov, and Igor Stravinsky. He focuses his music on imagery and incorporating older conventions of composition into his modern style. In 2014, Shavon won the New Music for New York composition contest, programmed by the Manhattan Choral Ensemble. His choral piece, "Untitled", was chosen among the top three finalists of the competition, and received the grand prize. Among some of the composers who he competed against included Danny Gray, a renowned film composer, and Louis Cruz, a teaching fellow at the Juilliard School. Since then, Shavon has had compositions performed in states such as New York, Florida, and Minnesota. Recent projects include his solo piano piece, "Ponderance", his voice and piano piece, "Cradle Song", based on Thomas Dekker's poem and his choral piece, "Lux".


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Shavon Lloyd
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