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What Students Gain in Academic Writing
 zenny, posted 07/17/12 01:48:11

School is considered a Mecca of learning. However not all of the lessons whether life's lesson or academic, is not thought in the four corner of the classroom. There are many other things or way were people can acquire knowledge and wisdom in school. One of the particular activity that professors always do to promote learning on students is assignment and projects. There are various projects that students but most of it are academic writing

Academic writing is a school activity that demand students to write different form of writing like essays, papers, reviews, reports, term papers and many other. Students knowledge are tested in an scholarship writing. Sometimes professors even give these projects to know how much a student learned from the lessons that was thought.

Writing has many benefits and students who get great skill in writing also gain so many things. Here are some of those:

Visual literacy. Aside from improving your writing skills, your visual literacy skills will also improve. It is the ability to design, layout or format your reports in a way that your readers will understand it. Elements like font size, font type and images affect how your readers will understand your output, so with every writing you do, you also improve this helpful skill.

Technological skills. For students who are members of class collaborative blogging, you will gain so much technological skills or the ability to use different gadgets and digital software. This skill is very important in finding a job since all of the job today involves computers. For others. even typing your output on word processors also help you improve your technological skills. You will be able to know how to navigate around hundred of buttons and features to visually improve your essays and papers.

Creative skills
. Students who are writing does not only use their ana;ytic thinking when writing, they also apply their creative side to make their output interesting to read. Creativity is a huge reason why academic writing is fun to do, students can play with their imagination and make endless possibilities.

Too bad only few students understand the importance of writing and how much students will gain if they keep on honing their skill. Hopefully many students could change their hearts find writing fun too.

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