MFH Free Performance Nights

What's a MFH Free Performance Night?

We bring together exceptionally talented musicians for an evening of amazing music offered to music lovers like you, For FREE! You have a really great time, the performers have a great time and perhaps you will be inspired to donate some money for Humanity, ahem It's like enjoying your music twice, once when you hear it and again when your donation does some good in the world! View past MFH Free Performance Nights here.

Free Performance Night Organizers

We are seeking organizers to start MFH Free Performance Nights in your city or town!

This is a part time volunteer position. See qualifications below.

(possible paid position in the future)

Organizer Qualifications:

  • A musician, music industry professional or a music lover.
  • Past experience organizing an event involving multiple performers/presenters.
  • Currently have contact with the music world and musicians either via business or academia.
  • Able to commit for 1 full year. Organize one event each month for 12 consecutive months. Once the venue is established, time required will be about 10 hours per month including the performance night.
  • Computer and writing skills to manage an email list, send out notifications and recaps, contact potential performers, develop marketing efforts and engage social media like Facebook.
  • A digital camera and the knowledge to take photos/videos and upload them to the MFH site, Facebook, Youtube...
  • Speaking skills to be the MC of the event to introduce the musicians and also to tell the audience about MFH's mission and effectively ask for donations.
  • Negotiating skills to find a venue that will provide space without paying any rent or for a percentage of the donations. Potential venues are existing music halls, coffee houses, night clubs, public buildings, house of worship, even a private home (must have a minimum seating capacity of 40).
There are great rewards in bringing together musicians and music lovers to benefit humanity. We provide guidance, access to talent, marketing input and start up expenses. You do the leg work and benefit from a great positive experience. Plus it could turn into some income for you!

Interested? Please email .

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