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Welcome to Music For Humanity Thanks for visiting! 

MFH - Using the international language of music and it's emotional and spiritual power to bring together musicians, music enthusiasts and music professionals to positively impact the world!

Support Music Education & Give Yourself a chance to Win $5000, $3000 or $1000; buy a Raffle Ticket here

Announcing the 2020 Scholarship Winners.

$20,000 to 5 Outstanding Young Musicians - See them Here.

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A Song to Benefit Music for Humanity
Five Outstanding Musicians join MFH Co-Founder Barry Adelman on his original song "We're Running". To listen and download visit Each download gives 90 cents to MFH.

Music is an international language that transcends all boundaries and builds the invisible bridges, highways and tunnels that connect our hearts. More music means more connections and more connections means a better world for all of us. Music for Humanity's mission is to spread more music throughout the world by "planting" music seeds. Locally we do that by presenting the monthly Music for Humanity Free Performance Night. Nationally and globally we do it by offering scholarships to young aspiring musicians who need financial help to continue their formal education, as a music major, at any accredited college or university in the United States. Those musicians become, in essence, ambassadors for Music for Humanity.

Our current mission is offering music education scholarships. We raise money for our scholarships through ConcertsFree Performance Nights and Donations.

Our Story:
In 2001, Kurt Irmiter had an idea to develop a web site where emerging recording artists could donate a percentage of their CD sales to worthy causes. In turn they would benefit from an internationally promoted web site and knowing their music was helping do some good in the world. The idea was, by the listener enjoying the music and musicians profiting from selling their music, Humanity would also benefit!  That was the idea, but it only got as far as registering of the domain name where you are now.  Nothing further happened due to other demands, interests, life... But the idea was still there and thought to be a good one.

Skip forward to 2005 and Kurt gets a phone call from Barry Adelman, who wants to know if Kurt would sell him the domain, noticing it was registered several years ago and there was still no web site! Barry was working on the release of his first CD and wanted to donate ALL of the proceeds from his CD sales to Humanity. So he dreams up the idea of a web site called!  Well long story short, Barry and Kurt hit it off, found they have some common ideas in terms of the concept of music benefiting humanity and they teamed up to make the idea a reality! is now happening, growing unfolding and you can be a part of where we go with this idea... People enjoying Music AND contributing toward doing good for Humanity and the World.

Barry & Kurt




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Summary of Live-2-Create Project:

Live-2-Create Project is a NONPROFIT organization located in Orange County NY. ALL PROCEEDS go towards 3 main programs.

The 1st PROGRAM is to provide a forum for individuals of all ages to showcase their talents with stage performances in music, dance and visual arts.

The performances will be held on the Live-2-Create Project stage in front of a live audience.

The 2nd PROGRAM is our SENIOR/SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM where interested students showcase their talents in nursing homes, senior centers,

homeless shelters, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, hospices and similar venues. We know there is a tremendous amount of talent in the area to give back

to the community and at the same time earn a Community Service Certificate from L2CP for a college applications.

The 3rd PROGRAM is to provide musical instruments and music instruction to children from low-income families throughout the Mid-Hudson region.

We have support of Office of the Aging and Orange County Youth Bureau. Sen. Larkin and NYS is watching this program to see how it is progressing.

Check out our website for photos of the events and Support Letters at .

We are very proud of the success we had with the first 4 shows held at the Newburgh Activity Center. The parents of the kids were extremly appreciative for

giving them a place to showcase their talents and allowing them to see their children create and perform!

Live-2-Create Project is now entering the 2nd Program phase of our mission. Shows for the Scholarship Program are held in the Schools.

This would be an appropriate setting for the students to play their band instruments as a solo or a group. We want to take them out of the school band setting and allow

them to CREATE music with their peers.This is how we select the students for our Scholarship Program.

L2CP currently has 41 young bands signed up with us and we may have one of them close out the show with a few songs. This makes for a special night

to remember in a positive way.


Lonny Alpert

Executive Director

Live-2-Create Project


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