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Music for Humanity
Using the international language of music and it's emotional and spiritual power to bring together musicians, music enthusiasts and and music professionals to positively impact the world!

The vision of Music For Humanity is that we can contribute to a better world through music. By bring together musicians and music lovers who are concerned about the welfare of humanity and our planet we can use music to improve the world!

We can enjoy our music twice. Once through listening, creating/recording/sharing and again, as a portion of the money spent on music goes to worthy causes in the World. If only a small percentage of money spent annually to enjoy music via live events, online downloads, CD sales, merchandise sales, royalties... was donated to humanitarian and environmental efforts, the world could be a different place! Our current mission is to offer and manage music education scholarships. We awarded our first Music For Humanity Scholarship, the "Music For Humanity Bill Perry Scholarship" on Sunday July 27, 2008!

Our Story:

In 2001, Kurt Irmiter had an idea to develop a web site where up and coming recording artists could donate a percentage of their CD sales to a worthy cause in the world and benefit from an internationally promoted web site and know their music is helping do some good in the world. The idea being that beyond the listener enjoying the music and the musicians profiting from selling their music, Humanity will also benefit! Each musician would choose the organization/cause they wish to donate to.  That was the idea and it got as far as the registration of the domain name where you are now.  Nothing further happened at that time due to other demands, interests, life... But the idea was still there and generally thought to be a good one.

Skip forward to 2005. Kurt gets a phone call from Barry Adelman, who wants to know if Kurt would sell him the domain, noticing it has been a few years since it was registered and there is still no web site! You see Barry is working on the release of his first CD and wants to donate ALL of the proceeds from his CD sales to Humanity and he has the idea of a web site called musicforhumanity.org!  Barry and Kurt hit it off and found they have some common ideas in terms of the concept of music benefiting humanity.  Well long story short, we have teamed up to make the idea a reality!  It is now happening and you can be a part of where we go with this idea of Music contributing toward doing good for Humanity

Barry & Kurt

Music for Humanity
exists for one reason: to help spread the international language of music and to use its emotional and spiritual power to improve life on this planet; We will accomplish our mission by raising money through our MFH musicians, bands, performers, songwriters and corporate and personal donations. We will generate funds 24/7 via this website and through live fund raisers.

Music For Humanity is approved by the IRS as a charity (501-c-3 Corporation). All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Currently the money we collect will go for this purpose:
Offering and managing scholarships to financially disadvantaged students of music who are serious about continuing their musical eduacation. We will award our first schoolarships ever, this year! Application deadline is July 31, 2008

Please use our online application if you would like to apply.

To contribute to our current mission, please use our donations page.