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Friends, take heart to run
 Aaliyah, posted 09/10/10 04:04:35
Friends, take heart to run, need to have a certain artistic quality. Not talking about religion, but a personal experience. A Christian Louboutin Wedges friend, and both male and female friends, not too seriously or it will feel much pressure will be your attention to pressure the breathless, but not so negligent, too negligent, may not be linked . Some friends, if you focus too much on him, let him feel the pay you this friend very tired, because you focus too much on him, let him feel the pressure, but also make their own have been Christian Louboutin boots shoes very hard. Whether between friends, between lovers, or, on the other side of emotion, certainly not equal. There will always be a party to pay more, but often pay more vulnerable party. So, now often live in a time when friends would caution themselves to control their pay, which would allow themselves and their friends from harm. So I would not be forced others to try not to pressure others. Life, not all people can become friends. Everyone has their own attitude Christian Louboutin shoes shop towards life, honest way, taste preferences and personality traits, choose friends have their own standards and conditions. The principle of my friends is the pursuit of spiritual communication. I often think of people living in the world, is inseparable from friendship, mutual aid can not be separated, can not do without care, can not do without support. Friends encounter difficulties and frustrations, if extended a helping hand, helping each other survive, overcome Christian Louboutin Shoes Replica difficulties and useful than giving more expensive gifts, but also much more reliable. Both as a friend, it means a mutual commitment to solve problems, joy and common obligations. But if the short, lasting friendships can always keep. Get along with friends is often unintentional injury, help is sincere and forget those unintentional injuries; bear in mind that you truly want to help, you will find in this world you have many true friends ... ... in their daily lives, even the most to good Friends also have friction, we may separate due to the friction. But whenever Christian Louboutin shoes Online the still of the night, we look to stars, there will always see the past memories. Some trivial memories for my lonely soul tremendous shock! Is this feeling, I am more aware of the importance of my friends! Network is the same, too close a relationship becomes complicated, too far, they lost contact, not nearly far the best, can only feel each other's sincerity and friendship. Everyone has their own paradise party, friends, when you feel depressed, when you wedding christian louboutin shoes are discouraged, and when you feel when friends gradually indifferent, please cherish the friend sincere friendship, whether in friendship networks or in real life, friendship, much like air as water, not to lose valuable only when it is pain. I would like to never have many true friends, but I know this is not possible. Dispersion polymerization, should go with the flow, not reluctantly. Are my friends, will come to me, not my friend, also failed to keep the stay, if Wholesale Christian Louboutin shoes true to the Yi Gong and other times, not sad, but not too seriously too inflexible, and desolate gray Divide the decadent life side alone, swallowing, and then the quality of bright magnificent display to others, to experience life with a life that is. Because people do not live to pain, life is happy heart knowing each other.
Each indifference are also hidden deep below the loneliness and longing. Everyone has their own pain and struggle of the spiritual path, but understanding each other because they understand their own understanding, harmony is the only physical remains does not vanish when you are tired smile. Miss buy Christian Louboutin boot each other, mutual care, mutual care and is a rare earth far the most emotional comfort is most difficult to let go of the truth between friends. Therefore, long-term coexistence between friends, it is precisely because of this interdependence between mind and understanding, the most important matter before life became lonely rich and profound.
Hand because the attached heart
 Aaliyah, posted 09/10/10 04:03:19
Hand because the attached heart, so full of feeling. Are attached for you, so care.Delicate hands, delicate green onions Yu Zhi, pale Christian louboutin women's shoes fist. Openly and empty hands, who hold not live the dream, only cold. Calm down and the air, so long as a century, a long time the reluctant fall. I know it is because of my hand, very lonely.I remember the feeling of hand, it is some dark night, some dim throbbing heart, a shy and blushed. Stretched his hand over it, no flash and no hide, the pull of it's comes naturally. Maybe it is too hot to hold open palms sweat and not let it go. Afraid of a release, just Christian louboutin heels some temperature, then the long-term cooling, deserted. I had something to do with him, so he afraid of empty loneliness.I have to go Took the hand of others, it is a long time ago, we recognize that in hand, never thought would be separated as far away from us farewell. At that time a newly learned writing, the teacher taught us writing, the title "my good friend." It was the first time memory has the word friendship, young people do not learn to grow up, but learned perseverance. Friendship Christian Louboutin pumps is just a phrase, remember to remember a lifetime. At that time we like to play Tiaopi Jin games, when the group agreed that we will always, no matter what, we have been shot heart, so that we can in the group, with advance and retreat. Spread palm, affinity and.
Adults always take us to do more, to learn from a height, and I always lost to her. She was always very good, everything stronger than me. I was very dissatisfied, secretly in their hearts, get it over her, we learn Christian louboutin shoes fashions to compete in the competition ahead, always hand in hand.Later, her family going to town to do business, and she moved with her parents in the past. To Why do not know, the teachers at her farewell run, but broke down in tears, and even had time saying no to her wishes. When the bell rang, and she was surrounded by the crowd, out of my sight, I just followed far, far away look. I think young people do not understand the pain, crying like eating sugar, zoned into the mouth sale Christian Louboutin boots will not see. But that moment was deeply aware of the departure, I often think about all the pain in my heart severely.After parting and waiting is long, long ago have changed her come back. Again in front of her, we have not had the little girl, no more can be said so many things you can laugh, we are doing quiet, so far, so unfamiliar. Occasionally, a few greetings, a long silence. The more effort you want to close, the more sad, embarrassing cold in there, not back into no.
From small to large, I have a lot of playmates, who close, but in out, married, very far away, even if met, leaving Christian Louboutin sandals only greetings, never thought about in depth. As childhood favorite toy, but after that age, those toys on the lost, or are close together. Because when there is no friendship on the concept of regret if it loses not confused. Because she started to have the friendship and I want to go all the way.Long time never had the feeling of hand, it is another over a long time on the streets, 2,233 pedestrians, she and I are friends, her hand so close to me, I suddenly felt very lonely my hand, the total 're holding something like. I try to think and other friends in the hand is used when what excuse is so natural. Though without any pretext, then the touch of nature with hands on Christian louboutin shoes comfortable the pull on the. I am reminded of the television story, the boy want to hold girl's hand, efforts for a long time, courage, and finally are no Nana's hand to his hair. And this is me, I summon the courage to hold up her hand to keep my natural, but could not hide, excited voice: such a long time, and finally pull into your hands. It is the original hands, from small to large.She has gone very cold northern university, we will occasionally contact only send messages. Now I know that if the call has nothing to say, took the phone silent, who is also embarrassed Christian Louboutin Slingback the first link, might as well not speak. Miss the time with SMS, only to say that I miss you. She will know enough.I am a hardened person, pull the hand of friendship from the young, I thought it got old, went to evening subsolar, which compete with her brightest stars.
Eagle is the natural enemy of the snake
 Aaliyah, posted 09/10/10 04:02:45
Eagle is the natural enemy of the snake, the snake saw eagle on the terror-stricken. However, there is a snake eagle has christian louboutin discount decided to challenge, revenge for his family. Snake does not like the eagles fly, do not run like an antelope so had to practice hard the ability to spray venom. After several years of practice, the snake venom injection of confidence has almost reached the unfailing accuracy level. On this day, the snake and the eagle finally ncountered. Neither hide nor escape the snake, it quietly overlooking the ground, defiantly spit out red-hot letter to the eagle son, eyes emitting flames of cheap Christian Louboutin shoes anger. Eagle hesitated, because it may never before seen such a brave snakes. However, instead of the eagle's curiosity aroused, it would like to see the snake and other snakes really any difference. Eagle spinner in the air, sharp eyes glued to the ground snakes. It is more over the low, from the snake closer. Just passing the time and the snake, the snake suddenly raised his head, spraying a mouthful of venom to it. Venom did not spray to the eagle who, because Christian Louboutin shoes 2010 of the bird's skill is too flexible. "Haha, this level on you, want to hit me?" Eagle to see the snake venom injection in addition to far too high point after point there is no other skill, the relaxed vigilance, and the snake laughed together. Snake eagle ignoring the ridicule, the opportunity to continue to identify the target, shooting, "squeak" "squeak" . venom have failed. Laughed more proud eagle, which glide through the air, diving, circling it moves fast and beautiful, flexible new Christian Louboutin shoes and supple. Eagles do not know why they suddenly had the Xian Xin, perhaps, it is to make the snake then on to dispel the idea of it against their own. Twist the cannabis on the ground snakes, the body began to tremble a bit, but it still insisted the goal aimed at the sky, waiting for an opportunity to launch a new round of attacks. "Ha ha ha, venom is running out, right? You are a bad guy!" When the Eagle once again skillfully avoid opening the snake's venom, the smile was even more proud. Then, one secretly hid behind a rock watching the Bobcats Christian louboutin sale Shenzhuolanyao came out, perhaps impatient that it can see it in front of the eagle about to take to the skies, said: "Why should you expend a tremendous effort and a venomous snake fight it? Although the snake is difficult to hit you, but it also lost each time an error caused by the venom of it, can you, as long as one mistake can lose is your life, ah! " After listening to the words of Eagle Bobcats shocked out in a cold sweat, yes, why should bother himself with an effort simply does not fight opponents of a snake?
Will once again buy Christian Louboutin shoes take to the skies eagle wings changed his mind, it decided to end the fighting immediately eaten by the snake. But, after all, just too long to fly, eagle wings feel some stiffness, some slow flying speed. Just then, the snakes have aimed at the opportunity, one out of venom injection, just falls on the bird's eyes. Eagle fell heavily to the ground. Moment before dying, eagles are very sorry, because originally it was an opportunity to eat the snake.Zhong to write many years, and Christian Louboutin Mary Janes claims that pen has reached the realm of very ingenious, but the writing time to participate in local competitions, not always winning. "Since in this small city can not succeed, you'd better participate in national competitions, maybe it will be a favor." Zhong college professor said to him. "I can not even deal in a small place prize for the tournament to win, how could it?" Ah-chung to ask. "Listen to me, to try to know." Zhong really in a national writing competition, he excitedly went to Teacher Appreciation: "Professor, did not think really as expected! But speak the truth, I still can not understand why, but to speak out in a big place." "Because Christian Louboutin boots thigh high in the national competition, judges from different provinces, most of them do not know who you are, it all depends on your work."

I was asked: "Why are you so happy every day?"
 Aaliyah, posted 09/10/10 04:01:13
I was asked: "Why are you so happy every day?" Also said: "Why are you still able to maintain a positive to positive thinking?" They chainsaw chain said no doubt also a little surprising because our lives day after day one Day, tedious; our work cycle, year after year, also had a long career burnout. But if we do not focus more on the fame and wealth in too much to maintain a normal heart, you will move on a lot of people and things around him; you will remain a grateful heart wow cd key each day to work and live; You will find how happy would you be more happy.
Each summer morning, I would get up early, wash clothes at the same time, for themselves and for her daughter for the family cook a bowl of hot rice with soup, dumplings or noodles, as I thank them for giving me a warm and happy little family . Home from work every day, while cooking at her mother, I christian louboutin online will wipe the floor clean, waiting for her to go home barefoot on the floor Sahuan, the heart side of thinking about the delicious meals her mother burned her daughter happy , innocent smile, she completed teacher arranged side counseling homework. After a hard day on the sofa to see father, I would like to drink a cup of pale green tea he handed to. When he was headache, I will help him a massage to ease his nerves. I thank him, has more than 60 years old, and also to help christian louboutin flats us support from the people.
Come to school, as long as it's sunny, the sun every time I would participate in sports teachers, bounce, laugh, or to activities of muscles and can relax. Free lesson time to dance studio dance, shilly-waist, that is, they lose weight fitness. Occasionally came to sports room, showing what I have to ping-pong skills like cooking, but also colleagues won the "praise", the children of "cheers." It is achat sac not playing the piano, or I will allow myself a cheerful heart flowing in the entire campus. Of these, had to thank to our leadership, give us a place and opportunity. Into the classroom bright and clean the face of sophisticated class culture, bathed in the innocent eyes of children, I suddenly come to a spirit, who permits his thoughts flying in the classroom, he was patient agitation among the students, even if there is any individual sac femme achievers also do not understand, he will cast eyes of admiration, at least he learned the meaning of appreciation. What lessons, if you forgot red pen, as long as the children find the teacher searching eyes, people would immediately handed him the pen; if you do not accidentally touched off the talk table books, he will immediately pick up a child , the intact into the stresses on the table; If you connect two Christian Louboutin classes, half-way not to leave the classroom, there will be children unwittingly your cup side to put on the podium ... ... every time I all he kept touching "thank you" touched me the most is every Thursday morning, there is always a few kids carefully cleaned my office, will also put on the water. Really thank them, and they let me know what is respect and appreciate what is and what is desire, and what they are Christian Louboutin shoes trying to love and love. Have to thank my colleagues and friends, they will be pain and pleasure when you will come to share with you.
These are my daily to maintain a positive and optimistic mood of the reasons, of course, makes me happy because there are many, many, if you want to look good at looking for, you will find bits and pieces you move, you no longer will go to complain about her husband's occasional cold, no longer to complain about parents of La in long-winded, no longer to complain about the naughty children, no Christian Louboutin boots longer to complain about their helplessness, God will not complain about their unfair treatment. Let us each day with a pair of beautiful eyes to observe the world around us every day life happy.
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