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2018 Scholarship Awards
 Music For Humanity, posted 08/01/18 09:42:18   » Scholarship Winners
2018 Scholarship Awards

The 2018 scholarship recipients are:
Ryan Soeyadi Grand Prize - $8000; Ryan is from Lake Grove NY, and will be a sophomore at The Juilliard School in New York, NY
See him perform here.

Bobby Volkman, 2nd Prize - $4000; Bobby is from Ronkonkoma NY; he will be a senior at The Juilliard School in New York, NY - See him perform here.

Emma Nicholson, 1st Honorable Mention - $1000; Emma is from Florida NY in her second year of graduate studies at the Peabody Conservatory at John Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. - See her perform here.

Jethro Banks, 2nd Honorable Mention - $1000; Jethro is from Beacon NY and will be a freshman at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA
See him perform here.

Chloe Borthwick, 3rd Honorable Mention - $1000; Chloe is from Warwick NY; she will be a freshman at William Patterson University in Wayne NJ
See her perform here.

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The 2017 Music for Humanity Scholarship Winners
 Music For Humanity, posted 07/27/17 05:37:57   » Scholarship Winners
The 2017 Music for Humanity Scholarship Winners

The 2017 Scholarship winners are:

Grand Scholarship - $6000 to Shavon Lloyd from Middletown NY attending The Crane School of Music in Potsdam NY as a junior.

2nd Prize - $3000 to Emma Nicholson from Florida NY attending the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore MD. for post-graduate studies.

$1000 to Olivia Nicholson from Florida NY attending Belmont University in Nashville, TN as a sophomore. 

$1000 to Ryan Soeyadi from Lake Grove, NY attending Juilliard in New York City.

$1000 to Mika Leonard from Warwick, NY attending the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. 

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