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TV Interview with Co-Founder Barry Adelman
 Music For Humanity, posted 07/06/16 06:32:05   » Annual Concert Fund Raiser
TV Interview with Co-Founder Barry Adelman

Click below to view TV Interview with Music for Humanity Co-Founder Barry Adelman.

Masters of the Guitar Fundraiser - October 15, 2011
 Music For Humanity, posted 10/22/11 22:46:05   » Annual Concert Fund Raiser
Masters of the Guitar Fundraiser - October 15, 2011

A week has passed already since our Annual Fundraiser on October 15th. I wanted to thank everyone who attended in body & spirit. Special thanks to our "Masters"; just two very humble, but very talented guitarists:

John Sheehan: and

Charles Mokotoff:

John gave me permission to share "Public Domain" off his Instrumental Solo Guitar CD. If you'd like a copy of it please email me:

You can also listen to Charles on his website.

Photos of the evening are here:

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the evening possible: Jim Elwell, Steve Terwilliger, Robert Clinton, Wayne Decker, Robin Rabii, Linda Borghi, Howard Garrett and the Village of Montgomery.

We raised over $2000 after expenses to help spread a little more music throughout the world. If the spirit moves you please make an online tax-deductible contribution here:

If you're on Facebook please "Like" Music for Humanity here: and share the links with your friends.

Barry Adelman

How to Help and/or Contribute to our 2011 Fundraiser
 Music For Humanity, posted 09/29/11 06:01:27   » Annual Concert Fund Raiser
How to Help and/or Contribute to our 2011 Fundraiser

If you can't attend our fundraiser concert "Masters of the Guitar" on October 15th, 2011 in Montgomery NY

Here's a few ways to contribute to the cause, which is giving music scholarships to deserving individuals, who need financial help to continue their music education:

  1. Buy a ticket as a gift for a friend

  2. Donate something to the silent auction or gift basket. Suggestions: music CDs or DVDs, professional services, weekend or week vacation in a private home, vacation home or timeshare, art or jewelry, gift certificates, private concerts. To make a donation please contact Linda Borghi:

  3. Attend a Music for Humanity Free Performance Night (3rd Saturday of each month, except October), at Noble Coffee Roasters in Campbell Hall NY.

  4. Volunteer your time to Music for Humanity

  5. Make an online tax-deductible donation to Music for Humanity

  6. Send a donation to Music for Humanity, PO Box 359, Chester NY, 10918

Thanks for your generosity - if we all give a little we can make a big difference.

Music for Humanity is a 501-c-3 corporation and all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.




I Get by with a Little Help from...
 Music For Humanity, posted 08/29/11 12:04:30   » Annual Concert Fund Raiser
I Get by with a Little Help from...


My Friends & Family,

As you may already know, I am the co-founder

of Music for Humanity. We are having our

annual concert and fund raiser featuring

Charles Mokotoff (photo above) & John Sheehan


You can help in 3 ways: 

1.Attend the concert "Masters of

the Guitar" on Saturday October

15th in Montgomery NY. 


Even if you live across the country or

across the Atlantic this will be a

concert worth attending. 


Click here for details:


2. Donate something to the

Silent Auction or Gift Basket 


We’d like to receive about 20-30

donations of items that are clearly worth

at least $100 or more and the bidding

will start at $50. Ideally we will

receive items worthy of starting the

bidding at $100. 

Here are some ideas for donations to

the Silent Auction:

Works of Art: Paintings/Sculpture/Jewelry

etc: these should be clearly worth hundreds of dollars.

Vacation Homes for a weekend or a week:

donate the use of a house or a city

apartment that would clearly get hundreds

or thousands on the open market.

Professional services ($200 to $1000 gift

certificate) for a dentist/doctor, legal,

accounting, music or voice lessons, HVAC,

roofing, painting, recording, video

production, landscaping, gardening, (use

your imagination) – here you are donating

your time.

Frequent flyer miles: donate enough for a

round trip ticket.We’ve already received a donation for two round trip tickets anywhere on American Airlines; bidding will start at $500 for both. Last year this donation raised $2400.

A Private Concert: Do you perform

professionally? Are you in demand? Donate

a house concert.

An instrument in good to excellent

condition that is clearly worth a few

hundred to a few thousand dollars. 

Do You Know a Famous Person?: Ask them to

donate time - a lunch or dinner date - or

donate an instrument.

Donations to the Gift Basket would be all

the items that are too inexpensive to be

a separate silent auction item. They will

be grouped together as a giant “Gift

Basket” and one person will win it via

raffle tickets. Here are some ideas:

CDs, DVDs, Tickets to Shows/Musical

Events, jewelry/photos/works of art that

are less expensive, gift certificates for

$25 to $50, services worth up to $75.

3. Simply make a tax-deductible donation Online to:


PO Box 359, Chester NY 10918


100% of the Items Auctioned, 

the Gift Basket 

& All Profits Go To

Music Scholarships for Children

Who want to Continue Their Education but Need Financial Help  

Donations must for the auction or gift basket must be received by October 10th to be listed in the program.

Thanks for your help on any level.

For donations to the silent auction

or gift basket please contact my

wife, Linda Borghi:


Barry Adelman


We expect a sold out show of 200 people. Depending on the donations received MFH reserves the right to make the final decision on whether an item is part of the Silent Auction or part of the Gift Basket. MFH is a 501-c-3 Charity and has no paid staff – we are all volunteers because we love to make positive change via music. Thanks for your support.


Music for Humanity
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