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Renee Flemming, Shirley Jones, ABBA


genre Classical


"As an artist, I want to create moments in time for the audience. These moments are made up of deep thoughts and indescribable feelings and are the result of the sounds produced by my voice. When people listen to the musical masterpieces from both past and present, I want them to have had an experience like no other, one they will carry with them.

To be touched by art is to be touched forever. I know this from personal experience and wherever my career takes me, it is the human connection that I am most looking forward to making. Music is like no other form of art in that sound evokes so much in us as humans. When I sing, I become the soul of the place in which I stand. I want to bring people to another level of consciousness, taking them with me to that other world where I am no longer Christina, but a different entity myself."

I am ecstatic to say that I will be attending a conservatory in New York beginning the fall semester 2018 where I will be majoring in Classical Voice and Opera Studies!

I am honored to have received the Orange-Ulster BOCES’ Senior Scholar Humanities Award, which honors outstanding achievement in visual and performing arts. I was also recognized with the Donald R. Romme Memorial Award for Musical Excellence and the National School Choral Award in June!

I am a recent graduate of Valley Central High School and finished up my final year as a soprano in the Chamber and Acapella Choirs, a vocalist in Lab Band, and a member of Tri-M Music Honor Society. I have studied privately for the past three years and have also participated in NYSSMA Solo Festivals & Area All-State Festivals.

Additionally, I have participated in the performing arts program having been cast in the high school music production each year. I have taken all three levels of drama, participated in Women’s Choir, as well as AP Music Theory.

I am the first member of my family, on either side, to pursue an education & career in the field of music. After attending classes in dance, drama and voice at our local conservatory from the time I was 5 until I turned 14, it wasn't until I reached high school that I realized my strong passion and ability for vocal performance. That is when I truly began to dig in!


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Christina Grohowski
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