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New Lyrics - September 1st, 2012
 Barry Adelman, posted 09/03/12 11:40:15   » New Lyrics
I am One of the Children

Sometimes I hear voices
Sometimes I see signs
To guide me on my way
To help me to find
The meaning and the truth
Of how our lives intertwine
The meaning of this life
A meaning so sublime

Because I am one of the children
Yes, I am one of the blessed
Yes, I am one of the children
To share the truth with all of the rest

Sometimes I go to a place in my mind
Where I can leave this world behind
Where I can find
A place to be silent
A place to be true
A place to know me
A place to know you


For the truth is like a river
Sometimes it floods the land
And then we join our neighbors
In a brotherhood of man
But the river slowly recedes
And soon we drift apart
Forgetting how we joined as one
And how we shared out hearts

Yes, I am one of the children
Yes, I am one of the blessed
Are you one of the children?
To see the truth and share it with all of the rest

Copyright September 1, 2012 Barry Adelman
Meeting Paul McCartney
 Barry Adelman, posted 08/12/12 19:40:27   » Inspirational Thoughts
Meeting Paul McCartney I was at my store in Amagansett NY yesterday to present a $2500 Music for Humanity Scholarship to Maxfield Panish, an outstanding violinist who just graduated from East Hampton High School. I was entering the store and saw someone throw a couple of pair of plaid shorts on the counter. I walked up to the counter looked over and said "Oh, Paul, nice to me you" - I extended my hand. We talked and I told him about Max's musical passion.

I had heard Paul was a genuine down to earth guy and that proved true. He owns a house in Amagansett and is a regular customer, but I had never met him before. I was most impressed by the way he treated his daughter or maybe granddaughter. She wanted him to buy something for her and he said, "OK, but you have to pick only one item". He wasn't going to spoil her although he could easily do it. He must have had amazing parents because they really instilled some very important values in him.

I gave him a copy of a recent story I wrote called "Summers in Amagansett." He asked if I wrote it. I said yes. He took in and put it in his bag. I hope he reads it.

Summers in Amagansett
by Barry Adelman

I first visited Amagansett in the summer of 1994 and 95. My cousins rented a very large house on the ocean just past the restaurant “Lunch” on Montauk Highway and decided to have a family party each summer. Little did I know that 18 years later, in the summer of 2012 I would be presenting a Music for Humanity Scholarship to Maxfield Panish, who had just graduated from East Hampton High School, and at the same time fighting for the business survival of my store “Outdoors in Amagansett”. As they say in the music world, “it’s been a long strange trip”.

The family visits, which included catered dinners served on the beach, were special, but there was no indication, and I never expected to be spending time owning a retail store in Amagansett. It was not in the cards, but as life would have it, I took in a silent business partner in 1995 and two years later, he called and said, “I think we have a good opportunity for another retail store.”

So, in March 1997, we took over a store, right on Main Street (Rt. 27) in the heart of Amagansett. Our property owners had run the store for decades as had their father. They had decided to retire. It was somewhat of an honor to me, to be taking over a store with a 65-year history. With the exception of having to fire the initial manager for embezzlement, everything went pretty well for the first 10 years. Unfortunately, I learned that the law enforcement community makes few arrests for white-collar crime, but at least our insurance company came through with a $5000 check for employee theft based upon the evidence I presented to them. The embezzlement gave me a taste of a nasty side of the human condition: greed.

It was during these first 10 years that in addition to running the business I started to write songs. Then in 2004, I had an epiphany. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Be silent that you may hear the whisper of God”. I heard that whisper and it said “Music for Humanity”. I knew I had to do something and formed a not-for-profit. In 2005, the IRS approved Music for Humanity as a 501c corporation, which meant that donations to MFH would be tax-deductible.

I put a Music for Humanity sign in the window of the store in Amagansett. The staff had told me that our customers included Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, and other rich and famous people like Steven Spielberg, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. I naively thought they would all donate to Music for Humanity. I owned the store (with my silent partner), and did virtually all the buying and marketing for it, but I was rarely in the store. I could accomplish the necessary work from my office in Chester NY. However, for the busy holidays, like Memorial Day Weekend and July 4th, I would work in the store helping customers. In addition, generally, once a month I would travel to Amagansett to see how the store looked and discuss current and future plans with the staff.

Most of the “stars” did not shop on the big holidays but on one off day when I was working, a customer parked a very unusual looking van in front of the store. It had oversized tires and was high off the ground to ride on the beach; it had two or three surf boards secured to one side. I just happened to be outside when the driver got out and I said to him, “that’s a very cool looking vehicle”. He replied, “Thanks, I had it custom made in California.” He went next store into Indian Wells Tavern for lunch. An hour later, he stopped into Outdoors to shop. I helped him with a pair of Levi’s and he began talking about the van again. He mentioned it ran on vegetable fuel. I asked him where he got the fuel. He said “from my restaurants.” I asked, “What restaurants?” He replied, “Margaritaville”. I said, “Oh, you must be Jimmy Buffet.” He smiled and I introduced myself. We shook hands and I gave him a copy of the Music for Humanity CD. He told me he would listen to it, but I never did receive any donation from Jimmy. I was surprised, however, by some generous donations from regular customers.

Over the course of fifteen years, we made thousands, maybe tens of thousands of loyal customers. We received numerous compliments from customers, but the one that I remember best was “this is the last real store in the Hamptons”. That made me feel like we were doing something right. I guess we did help many people have an enjoyable day at the beach or buy a good pair of sandals, but the real joy, for me, of having a store in Amagansett reached a new level when Crossroads Music moved across the street a couple of years ago. On Sunday afternoons, they had a jam from 1-4PM and a number of talented local musicians would attend. It was like paradise for me to walk across the street and play along with them for a few hours.

On the last Saturday of each month Crossroads had an in store concert. Cynthia Daniels, a local Grammy award winning sound engineer did the sound and invited four or five local/regional musicians to share their “stuff”. The event was free, but donations helped support the East Hampton Food Pantry for the hungry and homeless. This event was similar to one I ran in Orange County called “The Music for Humanity Free Performance Night.” I discovered at these small venues that there must be thousands of talented musicians that most people would never get to hear. They just needed a break to become the next Paul McCartney or Jimmy Buffet, but the world had become far more complicated and more difficult to get that break than when Paul or Jimmy became stars.

In 2008, the bottom fell out of the economy, and even in Amagansett, people stopped spending money. The business suffered for the next two years and my silent partner decided he wanted to take over the Amagansett location. We disagreed about how to proceed and eventually had to settle the matter in court. After a couple of years, the judge decided I could buy out his shares. In November of 2011, I bought him out. Unfortunately, I would get another taste of greed, when I discovered that rather than renew my lease as promised, the property owners were giving it to him. More lawsuits began and they continue as I write this. Eventually we will have to relocate and probably leave Amagansett.

This may be my last summer in Amagansett, but at least I will have the joy to present a $2500 Music for Humanity Scholarship to Maxfield Panish. I was surprised to see that an East Hampton High School student had applied online for a scholarship. I passed his application, along with nine others, to the scholarship committee. I was pleasantly surprised when they chose Max as one of the winners for 2012. There was some stiff competition, but Max is one of those special human beings who at a very young age discover their life mission. At the age of six, Max knew he wanted to play the violin. That has been his focus and it shows. He truly has the talent to become a world-class violinist. Max will be attending the Manhattan School of Music and I am especially happy to help him, even if it comes during my last summer in Amagansett.
Wherever We Come From
 Barry Adelman, posted 09/11/11 05:44:22   » New Lyrics
Wherever We Come From These lyrics and song dropped into my lap a few years ago. I sang it on Friday night. They seem appropriate for 9-11 because it's only through love that we can create a better world.

Wherever We Come From

Wherever we come from
Wherever we’ve been
Whatever they taught us
Whatever the color of our skin

We’ll all be together
When we leave these bodies behind
We’ll see the light of love within us
We’ll be free from the prejudices of our minds

And the beauty we missed in each other
Will shine as bright as the sun
We’ll embrace in this other world
We will become as one

If we listen carefully
In the dead of the night
We’ll hear those from this other world
Telling us how to see the light

But it’s really no secret
Ideas have been sent through the centuries
In poems, songs and paintings of love
They’ve been trying to help us see


So why can’t we do it
In our world today
Why can’t we see the God within us
Why do we let fear get in the way

Our beauty is clouded
By anger and hate
It’s time to open our hearts
Do it now before it’s too late

And the beauty we missed in each other
Will shine as bright as the sun
We’ll embrace in the world today
We will become as one

Yes the beauty we missed in each other
Will shine as bright as the sun
We’ll embrace in the world each day
We will become as one
Oh let us become as one
All you need is love to become as one.

Copyright January 2003 Barry Adelman
Harvey Kugler
 Barry Adelman, posted 06/26/11 09:22:19   » Loss
I found out this week that an old friend, Harvey Kugler had passed on. My connection to Harvey, as it is with many current & no doubt future friends, was via music. I have not had any contact with Harvey for over 20 years; we drifted apart, but I have memories that will last a lifetime. I even wrote a song for him many years ago.

I met Harvey in the late 60's when my friend David Crystal, who over 40 years later would be the Best Man at my wedding, invited me to his cousin Harvey's house in Queens to play and listen to music. Harvey wasn't a great musician or songwriter, but at heart he was an entertainer and he had created his own environment to entertain his guests. Harvey was 6-7 years older than we were and had already established himself as a talented and successful sound engineer; David and I were still in college at the University of Michigan.

In the basement of the house Harvey had created his musical Mecca. In one small room, about 10x12 ft., against one wall was a couch. Against the other wall were 4 JBL studio speakers which practically covered the entire wall. Hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room were a few mirrored balls of varying sizes. Directly above the couch were a few spotlights in different colors pointing at the balls.

Through a doorway next to the couch was the control room with two large Scully professional tape recorders, two turntables, a couple more recorders and over 3000 watts in amplification. Harvey once explained that if you wanted to raise the volume you needed lots of power to get a clean sound.

Harvey's joy in life was turning his friends onto the music he loved. He introduced me to the music, the voice of Joan Baez. Also to Bonnie Raitt, The Grateful Dead and many many more. Sometimes it was pure music, sometimes he added the light show which would literally make the room move. It was magical.

Harvey of course was the best customer at the local Harvey Sound store (yes the store was also called Harvey). One day Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, (, went into that store. He had moved to the neighborhood to be closer to his guru Sri Chimnoy -
John asked if there was anyone they could recommend to build a studio in his house. Of course they recommended Harvey, who, many months later, took me over one day to show me the completed studio.

Then one day Harvey called and told me to come over to go to a concert with him. I drove to the house and there was a moving van outside. A few guys were moving Harvey's stereo from the house to the Hunter College Auditorium. We drove over and later that day John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana performed over it to a sold out audience of about 2000 people.

Harvey and I tried to recreate his special basement room into a business called "The Galaxy of Sound" and Harvey of course created the radio commercial we used on WNEW-FM. When the commercial first played we called up the station and spoke to Allison Steele, the night bird, the DJ on at night. She gave Harvey a big compliment on the commercial. I wish I had a copy of it today. Our first event was at NYU's Loeb Student Center before a Leo Kottke concert. I remember being there for Leo's sound check. I got to hear Leo about 30 years later at Bodles Opera House in Chester NY, now closed. Like many other business ideas, The Galaxy of Sound never made it for lack of funds, but Harvey and I enjoyed the ride.

Unfortunately, inside that basement room Harvey had created, inside that box were his demons. I wrote these lyrics for him many years ago:

Come Out Into The Light Of Day

Inside the box you’ve built, there is no shining light
Come out, come out into the light of day
Go into your fears, you’ll enter the unknown
Where the terror but wonder of life lay

While a battered tortured bull rolled in the sand to die
Gentle gliding geese passed in the sky
And a lily floated down the winding river way
So come out, come out, into the light of day

Turn off your loud machines and hear as nature sings
Every song within the sonic world
Where the crickets fill night’s air and birds praise the break of day
What I thought I once knew I just relearned today

You see we’re floating on this magic sphere that’s speeding on its way
Surrounded by the forces of each day
Where a golden yellow disk brings life with its rays
And a silver coated ball is playing with the waves
So come out, come out, into the light of day

Inside the box you’ve built, there is no shining light
Come out, come out into the light of day
Go into your fears, you’ll enter the unknown
Where the terror but wonder of life lay
So come out, come out, into the light of day
I said come out, come out, into the light of day

Copyright 1976 Barry Adelman

This past week I sang this song for him because although he didn't create music, he knew how to share it in a most memorable way. I'll never forget him. Harvey, may you rest in peace.

To All the People

To all the people who came my way
To all the people whose path crossed with mine
To all the people and for what they had to say
To all the people who passed me in time

I remember your eyes and the smile on your face
I remember your love, I remember your grace
I remember your laughter, your sadness too
And I’ll never forget about you

To all the people who’s hearts opened up
To all the people who appeared one day as if by luck
There’s a place where we’ll all meet again
To all the people I call my family and friends


To all the people who made magic with their lives
To all the people who brought music to the world
To all the people who were blessed from above
To all the people who knew how to share their love


To all the people who’s hearts opened up
To all the people who appeared one day as if by luck
There’s a place where we’ll all meet again
To all the people I call my family and friends


Copyright 2004 Barry Adelman

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