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MFH CD Volume I:

Introduction, Lyrics, Closing Remarks and the Story Behind the Songs

Track 1: Introduction

Hello, my name is Barry Adelman and along with Kurt Irmiter I'm one of the founders of Music For Humanity. Thanks for taking the time to listen to this CD. It grew out of many years of playing, writing and performing songs at open mikes and for family and friends.  Some of these songs touched hearts and souls and people asked if I had a CD for sale, but I didn't want to make my music into a business; I just wanted to share it. Finally I decided to make a CD and give it away for free. Then this thought came, "Well, if the CD is free, it's OK to ask for a donation to a worthwhile charity." Then one day the name "Music For Humanity” simply popped into my head and I knew instantly my purpose in this life would be to start Music For Humanity to help improve life on this planet.


People throughout the world have felt the spiritual and emotional power of music. Music For Humanity will be a place where we can gather and share that power. There is another aspect to music: its commercial power. If we can just tap into the revenue stream generated by music we can make a real difference for people throughout the world.


In the United States and much of the world we're trained and conditioned to "get a piece of the pie", to become "successful". That's OK, but Music For Humanity, like most good charities, will do things backwards; and ask people to give a little piece of their little piece of the pie, back, to help Mother Earth and its people.


Throughout my life, I've heard this expression, "Charity begins at home." Well the real purpose of this CD is to show you that we share common emotions, hopes and dreams and a home called Mother Earth, and that unless we start giving back a little piece of our pie we won't have a home anymore.  Yes "Charity does begin at home", so let's give back, in essence, to ourselves.


So enjoy the music. It's free, simple and comes from "divine inspiration". I sing it from my heart. And if you can, give to Music For Humanity from your heart.  If we all give a little we can make a big difference.


You can make a contribution and find out what we'll do with it by going to www.musicforhumanity.org or send it to Music For Humanity PO Box 359, Chester NY 10918.


Thank you for your generosity.



Lyrics to the songs:


Track 2: The Journey Home


We're all traveling on this ship that's heading home

Through the days and years we must travel all alone

And on our path we will meet some kindred souls

With whom we can open our hearts on this journey home


Through the long nights and the storms raging out at sea

There's a light, a force, that's guiding you and me

But sometimes we will lose our way and some will get blown overboard

Just follow your heart to make it through the storms



So come my brothers and sisters throughout the land

Open your hearts to one another and lend a helping hand

We're all traveling on this ship called Earth, adrift and on its own

Speeding through the Milky Way on its way home

We're on the journey home


With blue skies above the tsunami crashed onto the shore

Tens of thousands were swept out to sea never to be seen anymore

Their friends and families were buried under the rubble and ruins

Now the living are starving and homeless, and need our help soon.




We all come into this world with a light surrounding us

Then through the years and pain, it dims, it fades, we soon fall out of touch

Until we complete the journey home where we shine like the sun

Now we can see the light surrounding all of us, we can become part of the One.




We're all traveling on this ship called Mother Earth

We're heading home.


Copyright 2004 Barry Adelman



Track 3: The Voice of God


God speaks to me, God speaks to you

In everything we see, in everything we do

And there's really no secret, we all possess the key

To open up our hearts, to set ourselves free



So look into my eyes, the windows to the soul

And see your own reflection; find your ancient heart of gold

Yes look into the mirror and discover who you are

Find your center; find your way, and you my friend will travel far


There's people chasing money, there's people chasing fame

There's people lying, cheating and stealin, they're turning life into an evil game

But in the middle of the night and the early morning too

Sometimes they hear the voice of God that speaks to me and you




They're Yellow, Red and White, they're Black and Brown

They live throughout this world, in every city, in every town

They share the same hopes and dreams; they all need to be fed

And sometimes they hear the voice of God and yearn to be led


So look into your eyes, the windows to your soul

And see your own reflection; find your ancient heart of gold

Yes look into the mirror and discover who you are

Find your center, find your passion and you my friend, will travel far

Yes, find your center, find your passion and you my friend, will travel far



Copyright October 4, 2005 Barry Adelman



Track 4: Wherever We Come From


Wherever we come from

Wherever we've been

Whatever they taught us

Whatever the color of our skin


We'll all be together

When we leave these bodies behind

We'll see the light of love within us

We'll be free from the prejudices of our minds



And the beauty we missed in each other

Will shine as bright as the sun

We'll embrace in this other world

We will become as one


If we listen carefully

In the dead of the night

We'll hear those from this other world

Telling us how to see the light


But it's really no secret

Ideas have been sent through the centuries

In poems, songs and paintings of love

They've been trying to help us see




So why can't we do it

In our world today

Why can't we see the God within us

Why do we let fear get in the way


Our beauty is clouded

By anger and hate

It's time to open our hearts

Do it now before it's too late


And the beauty we missed in each other

Will shine as bright as the sun

We'll embrace in the world today

We will become as one


Yes the beauty we missed in each other

Will shine as bright as the sun

We'll embrace in the world each day

We will become as one

Oh let us become as one

All you need is love to become as one.


Copyright January 2003 Barry Adelman



Track 5: We Sent Our Prayers to the Stars


Under the full moon he raised the pipe

Facing North, South, East and West

He praised all life

And we sent our prayers to the stars

Yes we sent our prayers to the stars


And on this sacred land we entered the sweat lodge

As brothers and sisters preparing to send our prayers to the stars

Yes we would send our prayers to the stars

We would send our prayers to the stars


We brought in the rock people glowing with light

And in their heat we chanted our prayers long into the night

Yes we sent our prayers to the stars

We sent our prayers to the stars


We prayed for our ancestors

We prayed for Mother Earth

We prayed from our hearts

With all it was worth

Yes we sent our prayers to the stars

We sent our prayers to the stars


We prayed for love

We prayed for peace

We prayed for our friends and family

We prayed for the trees

Yes we sent our prayers to the stars

We sent our prayers to the stars


We prayed for the animals

We prayed for compassion & forgiveness too

We prayed for all life

Surrounding me and you

Yes we sent our prayers to the stars

We sent our prayers all the way to the stars

Yes we sent our prayers to the stars


Copyright August 24, 2005 Barry Adelman



Track 6: It's All Around You



Just open your eyes it's all around you

Open up your heart; let the light shine on through

Stop telling stories about being sad and blue

Start giving and receiving the love that's all around you


It's there in the morning with every sunrise

It's there in the evening as the moon rises in your eyes

It's there in the oceans, the rivers and streams,

It's there in our hearts; it's there in our dreams




It's there in the birds singing in the trees,

It's there in the flowers; it floats on the breeze,

It's there in the clouds drifting through the sky,

It's there in each and every one of our eyes




It's always there when you're surrounded by family and friends

It was there at the start, it'll be there at the end,

It's there when you're joyful, and it's there when you're blue

The love of the world is always there for you




It's there in the desert; it's there on the plains,

It's there mountains; it comes down with the rain

It's there in the cities; it's there by the shore

It's there when you cry out, when you beg for more




It's there with the newborns; it's there with the old

It's there with the poor, it's there when there's gold

It's there with each look; it's there with each glance,

It's there in our souls; it's there when we dance




I know that you're hurting; I know you're feeling low

I know that you're worried what the future will show

I know every night you're singing the blues,

But tonight I'm here singing this song just for you.




 Copyright 2002 Barry Adelman



Track 7: It Is Written in the Sky


The birds are singing; yes a new day has begun

And the trees are dancing in the morning sun

The wind is whispering that this day shall be fair

A new day is dawning and there's peace in the air


The clouds are turning pink as the sky becomes blue

The sun is rising as I lay beside you



Yes the world is turning

As the days drift on by

And this life is for loving

It is written in the sky


This day brings promise

This day brings peace

This day brings love

We can all release


So love thy neighbor

As thy friend

And do unto others

Till the very end




Yes the Earth is turning

As the years pass on by

And this life is for loving

It is written in the sky

It is written in the sky


Copyright 2005 Barry Adelman



Track 8: To All the People


To all the people who came my way

To all the people whose path crossed with mine

To all the people and for what they had to say

To all the people who passed me in time



I remember your eyes and the smile on your face

I remember your love, I remember your grace

I remember your laughter, your sadness too

And I'll never forget about you


To all the people who's hearts opened up

To all the people who appeared one day as if by luck

There's a place where we'll all meet again

To all the people I call my family and friends




To all the people who made magic with their lives

To all the people who brought music to the world

To all the people who were blessed from above

To all the people who knew how to share their love




Repeat second verse (To all the people who's hearts…)




Copyright 2004 Barry Adelman



Track 9: I Wish I Could Be


I wish I could be

All that God made of me

I wish I could shine my light

For everyone to see


Yes I wish I could find

The love I know exists in all mankind

But first we quarrel, then we fight

We've forgotten we all come from the same light


Yes we all come into this world

Alone, afraid and crying out in pain

Then somewhere, somewhere down the line

We die, we're alone and we cry again


So why not along the way

Share our love, have something good to say

Why should we argue, why should we fight

We can spend our time sharing the light


Repeat 1st, 2nd and 4th verses


Copyright 2003 Barry Adelman



Track 10: In That Moment


You can always share you soul

You can always touch a heart

You can be a beacon of light in the dark

And you can find your way and a way to leave your mark



I sang my song for you and you started to cry

I could feel your joy, your pain, yes I understood why

I was sharing a truth with you and suddenly we both could see

And in that moment we shared our souls yes we were set free

Oh in that moment we were set free


In the shadows of the night

The moon will cast its glow

In the sacred places of our being

The truth we shall know


I shared my song with you and tears rolled from your eyes

I could feel the joy, the pain, yes I understood why

I was sharing a truth with you and suddenly we both could see

And in that moment we shared our souls yes we were set free

Oh in that moment we were set free


In the chaos of our strife and the workings of our life

We will overcome the fear of losing you

In the darkness of the night we will be guided by the light

And one day we will finally see just what is really true




Copyright 2005 Barry Adelman 



Track 11: The Seeds of Our Life


With every word, with every smile

With every thought, with every mile

We plant the seeds of our life


With every song, with every glance

With every touch, with every dance

We plant the seeds of our life



So plant your seeds row by row

Don't let the wind scatter them all about

Let Mother Earth warm them from below

And with the sun & rain and a little love

Your garden will grow


With every note, with every tear

With every sadness, with every fear

We plant the seeds of our life


With every book, with every poem

With every painting, with every home

We plant the seeds of our life




With every joy, with every embrace

With every gift, with every grace

We plant the seeds of our life


With every stranger, with every friend

With every enemy, till the very end

We plant the seeds of our life




Copyright 2005 Barry Adelman



Track 12: The Tree Song


Two thousand years ago I started to grow

I pushed a shoot up through the soil below

And with each passing year I added a new ring

I've been here quite a while, I know a few things


Throughout these centuries I've learned to co-exist

With the birds, the animals, reptiles and insects

I've been the home to many, I've sheltered quite a few

My branches spread wide and from my peak I've got a view



In the distance now I see the fires, I hear the chain saws

They're cutting and burning my brothers and sisters

I feel them falling to the jungle floor

Now they're bringing in cattle and soon they'll be killing them

Can't these humans see they're going to bring about their own end


We're all connected by one life force

It's not reserved for humans, it's in all of us

But they seem to want it all, they're never satisfied

One day they'll create their apocalypse, one day they'll just die




They think they know the answers, they think they hear God's call

But throughout the centuries they've raped, pillared, plundered,

They've almost destroyed it all

I invite them to come and spend a century or two with me

Feel the sun, wind and rain, hear the earth's harmony


Maybe then they'll realize we're connected by one life force

It's not reserved for humans, it's in all of us

But they seem to want it all, they're never satisfied

One day they'll create their apocalypse, one day they'll just die




Copyright 2001 Barry Adelman



Track 13: The Seasons


She turned from green to yellow then red

The meaning of life is all inside our head

Then she floated down back to mother earth

Sometimes we wonder what any of it all is worth



Yes the seasons come

The seasons go

And life just moves on

Whether we say yes or no


Winter's snow will soon be here

A wonderland of beauty, but sometimes fear

The frozen lakes, the barren trees

But a fireplaces warmth can satisfy our needs




A warm breeze and once again life is in bloom

For Spring has just arrived and never a day too soon

Violets blooming in the meadow, Robins building their nests

We marvel at life's energy, it's a life fest




Now we plunge into the ocean to cool the summer's heat

We ride upon the waves, let them lap at our feet

The warm evenings, summer's starlit sky

Should this ever really end we wonder why




Repeat First Verse


So enjoy the seasons as they pass

Enjoy your friends and family for nothing truly lasts

The door revolves from life into death

And there's no going back so live it to your best


Chorus 2X


Copyright 2003 Barry Adelman




Track 14: Ode to Robert Zimmerman


Well he gave us words

He gave us a choice

Yes he opened up our hearts

And we found our voice


So we sang his songs

And some of us wrote our own

Yes he lit the way

The direction home



Through the years, through the wars

Through the fears, through the storms

When a new generation needed to be reborn

We heard his song, yes we heard his song


Before he entered the scene

Music was squeaky clean, silky smooth, like a dream

But God gave him a different sound

And God gave him words profound


He sang about war, He sang about peace

He sang about love, He sang about release

And we heard his voice, and we found our own

Then we shared our souls on this journey home




Through the years, through the wars

Through the fears, through the storms

When future generations need to be reborn

They'll find his songs; yes they'll find his songs


Copyright January 9, 2006



Track 15: The Concert Rules


People came from miles around

Just to hear their magic sounds

And I myself drove 3 hours or more

But I was shocked by what I found

I might have even just stayed at home

If I had known what the hell was in store


They sang about the Sounds of Silence

And the Times that were Changing too

They went looking for America

And got Tangled Up in Blue

And among the 30,000 people

The guards wouldn't let me bring my lawn chair

And at the gate they confiscated all our water bottles

Cause they had concessions there



You see these concerts they're big business

And money rules the day

It's not about what they sing

It's about what you pay

And security guards keep barking

"We just enforce the arena rules!"

But they even try to control what you say.



Then Paul sang about a girl with Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

And Bobby sang about Maggie's Farm while I thought about them damn rules

I realized that day these icons of freedom had fallen on their way

They were battered and bent, part of the establishment

Cause now they just sang for the pay


These guys had touched our souls and spirits

They'd become symbols of freedom for me and you

But as I heard them sing that summer night

I knew the times were still changing too

And from a ¼ mile away on that distant stage

They just seemed like two old fools

For surrounding all of us was a Gestapo mentality and the rules




Well the joy of sharing music is still Blowin in the Wind

So maybe we need to take a step back in time to where it all begins

To a place where we can share our joys, a place to share our blues

 A place where we can share our souls without anyone's damn rules




So whoever you know and wherever you've been

Spread the news that the joy of sharing music

Is still Blowin' in the Wind

Yes the joy of sharing music is still Blowin in the Wind.         


Copyright August 7, 2004 Barry Adelman



Track 16: Amazing Grace - Flute Instrumental


Track 17: Closing Remarks


Hi, this is Barry Adelman again. Thanks for listening.  I hope some of these songs touched your heart and spirit. Feel free to make copies of this CD and spread the word about Music For Humanity. You can make a contribution and find out more about Music For Humanity on the web at MusicForHumanity.org. You'll also be able to read about the story behind the songs.


If you're in the music industry on any level, musician, singer, writer, producer, engineer please join us in making Music For Humanity a viable and important vehicle to improve life.


If we all give a little we can make a great difference for this planet, Mother Earth, and her children.


Thanks again!



The Story Behind the Songs


I once heard Arlo Guthrie say, "Songwriting is like fishing. All the songs are out there. You just throw out a line and if you're lucky you'll pull one in. You just don't want to be fishing downstream from Dylan."


I also believe that all the songs are there, just waiting to be discovered by someone. I feel fortunate to have discovered a few in this lifetime. Here's how I found the songs for Music For Humanity Volume I


Track 2 – The Journey Home


This song was actually discovered about 7 weeks before the Tsunami disaster hit at the end of 2004. I think it was November 2nd, the night of the Bush/Kerry presidential election. I woke up from a deep sleep at about 2AM. I wondered who had won, but I don't have a TV or radio. I finally realized that it really didn't matter, that we just needed to work together; we needed to help each other. I started strumming a few chords and the words came very quickly.


When the Tsunami disaster hit I added that verse. I was impressed that George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton overcame their personal and political rivalry and animosity, to join forces, and raise hundreds of millions of dollars to help our brothers and sisters whose lives were devastated by what was probably the biggest disaster in human history.



Track 3 – The Voice of God


This song was given to me on a special day: Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I'm not a very religious Jew. If I had been born a Christian, my guess is I would have discovered this song on either Christmas or Easter Sunday.


There was a strange catalyst behind the song which I wrote on a Tuesday. On that Friday I would be traveling to Dallas for an important business conference. At that conference of a few hundred people I had been selected to join "The Legacy Council" which included 15 people. It was an honor I wasn't sure I deserved. The leader, CEO, of this group was Rich Harshaw. I had been impressed by his passion for his work, his intellect, but more importantly his devotion to God. I knew that I would probably have the opportunity to sing a few songs at his home. I shared this song for the first time at his house.


I didn't know Jerry Johnson was recording this at Bodles until months later; he gave me a CD and I loved the sound and especially Aldo's solo.



Track 4 – Wherever We Come From


Sometimes I'm inspired by a book or a movie and a song just pours out of me. That's what happened with this song. I had just finished reading Talking to Heaven by James Von Prague and the song simply appeared.



Track 5 – We Sent Our Prayers To The Stars


I had attended a number of Full Moon ceremonies run by Bill Record and a number of sweat lodges by Carl Big Heart. Most of these took place on Bill & Yvonne's property. But now the property was being sold and I wanted to commemorate those experiences with a song. This song didn't come to me in one piece. I kind of got stuck in the process. At first all I had was the first line, "Under the full moon he raised the pipe". But after a few more weeks of pondering that line the rest flowed quickly.


This was another song I had no idea Jerry was recording. You can almost see the prayers traveling to the stars during Aldo's mandolin solo.



Track 6 – It's All Around You


After the Pine Bush Open Mic in December 2002 we went up to Dick & Joanne's house for a Christmas party. Their house was in a beautiful spot at the top of the mountain. Ken and Julie also joined us. There were 30-40 people there; lots of food and lots of live music. We stayed for a few hours and during the course of the evening, with every person I spoke to, I only heard positive things, I only experienced people sharing their love. I walked out of the house with a strange feeling and I knew that a song was brewing. Within the next week this song came through.



Track 7 – It Is Written In The Sky


This song just appeared early one morning as the sky was changing colors during the dawn. I didn't have a name for it, until someone at the New Paltz Open Mic suggested this one. It sounded right to me.



Track 8 – To All The People


My cousin, Bernard Cohen, had died suddenly and unexpectedly while on a bicycle trip in Europe. I remember getting the phone call from Florence, his sister;I didn't even recognize her voice. It was an incredible shock to our entire family. I wanted to write a song for him, but it came out as a song for all my ancestors. He was about 12 years older than me and some of my earliest memories are of him performing magic at my childhood birthday parties. I can still see the magic candle that I couldn't blow out. The line "To all the people who made magic with their lives" was inspired by those memories.



Track 9 – I Wish I Could Be


I don't really remember how or when this song arrived. It just appeared one day while I was strumming some chords. Sometimes it happens like that. It's one of my personal favorites because I think on some level we're all trying to be the best that we can be.



Track 10 – In That Moment


I never know what will be the catalyst for a song, but this one is the only one that was inspired by another one of my songs. The family had gathered at my cousin Florence and Bob's house for Passover. I was singing I Wish I Could Be to Lara Cohen, another cousin, and she started to cry. It was a special, magical moment and the inspiration for this song.



Track 11 – The Seeds Of Our Life


We had gone into the city to see Shawn Del Joyce at an art show at the Jacob Javitz Center in Manhattan. As we walked around the show, which was huge, there was one painting that depicted someone planting the seeds of their life. The image stuck in my head for a few days and along with Dave Mallet's "The Garden Song," inspired this song.



Track 12 – The Tree Song


This was the song that began the journey leading to Music For Humanity. I had just ended a long term relationship with a woman and had written another love song. I was heart sick and also sick of writing love songs. I was reading a book, The Food Revolution, by John Robbins. I stopped and stood up and said out loud "Creator, Great Spirit, can't you give me a song with more importance than these love songs." Within a week The Tree Song literally poured out of me in five minutes. Now I could really understood what "divine inspiration" meant.


The original words started with "300 years ago…", but since that time I had the opportunity to meet trees over 2000 years old so I changed that one word. I would not have been able to "channel" the trees if my path hadn't crossed paths with Doug Sky Jones and Carl Big Heart. Reading "The Food Revolution" was the catalyst and I eventually had the opportunity to sing it to John and his family.



Track 13 – The Seasons


I wanted to write a song about the seasons, but there had been no catalyst, no inspiration. One day in mid-October, at Mary Louise's house, I looked out the window at a leaf in the process of turning from green to yellow and the song was literally there in the next five minutes. At a holiday party at my house, while I sang this song, Kenny DeAngelis instinctively started playing harmonica along with me. It added a special dimension to the song. This is the only cut on the CD that wasn't recorded live at Bodles. Kenny did it at his house. I did two takes and preferred the second one. Over the next couple of weeks he laid down the harmonica track. Julie Ziavras, Ken's wife, a fellow musician and opera singer, said the harmonica sounded a little flat so Kenny bought a new one and re-recorded it.



Track 14 – Ode To Robert Zimmerman


I have a TV at home, but I'm not hooked up to watch anything other than videos. I had missed the Martin Scorcese documentary "No Direction Home" about Bob Dylan. A few months later, Gene Mueller, a good musician and singer/songwriter, and one of my hiking buddies, lent it to me. I was so moved by it that this song appeared immediately after watching the second tape.



Track 15 – The Concert Rules


I had never seen either Bob Dylan or Paul Simon live so when I heard they were on the same show I immediately wanted to attend. I had been at Woodstock in 1969 but I really didn't like large concerts. Nevertheless, I decided a Dylan and Simon concert would be great. Well it was a horrendous experience.  Years later a new Woodstock festival was burned to the ground on the last day. I understood why. You can only take away freedom and keep people penned up so long before they explode.


After the concert I wanted to write letters to the newspaper. I wanted to complain to the promoters. I wanted to write to Bob and Paul and tell them what was happening, but I did nothing. The feeling simmered inside of me until about 5 years later when Skip Weisman called and said "Hey Dylan and Willie Nelson are playing together at the Dutchess Stadium. Would you like to go?" I thought about it for a while and said OK. The day before the concert while driving home I realized I could write a song about the Dylan and Paul Simon concert from 5 years ago. It all poured out of me in 5 minutes.



Track 16 – Amazing Grace


I had gone to a concert at The Mansion with Bill Miller, a Native American from Wisconsin. I thought it was going to be primarily a flute concert, but he was a singer/songwriter. At the break

I asked him "Bill, I thought you were going to play some flute?" He said he would after the break.


He told the story about Captain Joseph Smith, who transported slaves from Africa to the New World in the late 18th century. One day while out at sea with a cargo of humans, another ship pulled alongside and informed him that there was a tragedy back home. A fire had destroyed his home, and his wife and children were dead. He looked at his human cargo in a new light; he realized that they belonged to families. He turned the ship around and headed back to England. He wrote the words to Amazing Grace on the journey home and when they landed in England he freed all the slaves. He became a minister and preached the gospel for the rest of his life. Then Bill played Amazing Grace on a Native American flute. It was inspiring. I went home that night and learned it immediately. This recording of it was at a Tsunami benefit concert at Bodles.