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MFH Board of Directors:

Current MFH Board members.
Barry Adelman

Barry Adelman was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1949. His involvement with music began when he started taking guitar lessons at the age of 12. He stopped however (within 6 months), in favor of playing sports. He became a starting player on his high school (New Utrecht) basketball team. Upon graduation from high school he wanted to refocus his energy from sports to an activity he could do throughout his life, even into old age. He chose music and began taking flute lessons. After graduation from college (University of Michigan) he began taking classical and flamenco guitar lessons while continuing to play flute. Eventually he began writing songs. He has donated the use of his original compositions to Music for Humanity.

Barry is also a successful businessman; he is President and 50% owner of 2 retail clothing/footwear stores in Chester and East Hampton NY (outdoors4u.cc). He is also a marketing consultant for other businesses, MYMessentials.com. He resides in Walker Valley, NY.

Kurt Irmiter

Kurt grew up in Clemson , SC. When he was about 10 years old, he met a man his Dad was purchasing a travel trailer from. For some reason Kurt found this man to be very interesting and liked something about him.  Later he asked his Dad what the man did, Kurt's Dad said "he owns a couple of different businesses, he is a real entrepreneur." Kurt told his Dad, "That's what I want to be!"  Kurt's Mom & Dad told Kurt he could be whatever he wanted to be. After starting a lawn cutting business at age 12, forty something years later, Kurt has opened and operated an entertainment booking agency, video taping service, festival food concession, college corner bar, and an ice cream/sandwich shop.

Kurt currently owns a web development & hosting business (BFDNet.net), and co-owns Festival Network Online. Along the way from high school through college Kurt managed a movie theater, delivered news papers, pumped gas, picked peaches, sold news papers door to door, worked as an insurance claims adjuster, boarded horses, ran a ball park concession and managed his singer/comedian brother, Kier. A music lover from early teen years singing with his brothers and playing drums in garage bands through working in the music business for 15+ years, Kurt still loves music. He has a BS in Financial Management from Clemson University and he and his wife Connie have lived in Asheville, NC for 14 years.  Kurt plans to be an entrepreneur the rest of his life.

Wayne Decker
Board Member

Wayne Decker started playing guitar when he was about ten and continued playing through college and beyond. Given the combination of a busy life, and the acknowledgement that all that time doesn’t necessarily equal talent, he now keeps his Martin handy, but rarely plays. His love of music, however, thrives and he is content enjoying the creativity of others and supporting their efforts.

After earning a BA in Communications from American University, Wayne settled in the countryside of Orange County, New York.

Currently Wayne is the director at a successful not-for-profit, Orange County AHRC, that provides services to the developmentally disabled and has been an elected public official for many years. He is currently an Orange County Legislator, representing the City of Port Jervis and the Town of Deerpark, and serves as the Minority Leader. .

Robin Rabii
Board Member

Robin Rabii’s love of music and musicians began at an early age. Growing up one block away from the St. Albans, New York homes of James Brown (the “Godfather of Soul”), Count Basie and Brook Benton, his parents introduced him to an eclectic mix of calypso, classical, pop, gospel, opera and R & B.  This blend of sounds, beats and harmonies paved the way to his appreciation of music from all corners, cultures and countries. At 8, he started playing drums, and at age 10, guitar lessons. In college, it was the electric bass and after graduation, it was the banjo.

Earning a Masters in Public Administration from Stony Brook University, and then becoming their Director of Human Resources and Payroll Administration for 11 years, delayed, but did not damper his passion for music. He returned to his “roots” and with his brother, son, daughter, nephews and cousin, started the Drummers, a unique all-drum band that plays instrumental compositions to ignite the flames of harmony in the hearts of humanity.

Currently, Robin is the Director of the New York State Payroll. In this capacity, he provides oversight and direction of the organization that is responsible for making the salary payments to over 250,000 employees of the New York State Government.

Robin is also a small business owner; he is co-owner of Riverview Laundromat & Car Wash in Narrowsburg, NY.

He resides in Lake Huntington, NY with his family.